This is the UGC Business Accelerator - it's not just a Course, it's a MENTORSHIP program! 🤝🏻

P.S. Pricing is in CAD 🍁

🪄 This new and improved UGC program includes everything you NEED to start and scale your UGC business in 2024.

Inside The Membership 🔎

Monthly Masterclass, 1:1 Chats, Portfolio Audit, Paid Opportunities, etc.

  1. UGC Blueprint 2024

  2. Ultimate UGC Guide

  3. Pitching & Negotiation Masterclass

  4. UGC Contract Template

  5. UGC Collaboration Tracker

  6. UGC Brand Pitch Tracker

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  • $45.00 / month

"At $1.63/day it's basically FREE!"

I have hired over 100 creators for UGC opportunities - you could be next!

What People Are Saying About Me 😎

"Worth Every Penny"  ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

"I seriously cannot say enough about Sean’s Creative Strategy Course!!! I’m 6 months into my UGC journey and have always struggled with the creative strategy side and how to do brand research. Sean breaks it down into very concise and to-the-point lessons that make it easy to understand. She also created templates that make it super easy to go through the process and learn how to do your own brand research. She even gave me a brand to practice and apply all of her lessons. I found out I really enjoy this process and cannot wait to implement this with a brand! I think if you’re a beginner like me and need help with creative strategy then this course is for you and worth every penny!!"

- Courtney G. (Creative Strategy Course Student)

"It's Too Good" ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

"I've also finished the course and frankly it's too good. English is not my mother tongue but it's super comprehensive and I was super well guided with the video montage which includes video screenshots with the Notion template explained in detail. I really enjoyed it. Thank you very much"

- Elsa C. (Creative Strategy Course Student)

"Magic in The Sauce" ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

"Y'all remember when I was on here saying I wanted to learn to pitch & negotiate better so Sean took it upon herself to create a whole masterclass about it? So I took her advice from the class and started rocket launching off some 🔥 pitches. Two weeks later I've already made an ROI, with two 3-video deals closed today and a few more in the works!! I was not getting responses like this til I started taking her advice. Literally, there is magic in the sauce 😂"

-Emylee G. (Masterclass Attendee)

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Brands That I've Worked With

Are you a UGC Creator who's struggling to hit consistent income every month?

Does this sound like you? 🤔

  • ...or you’ve been doing UGC for almost a year but can't seem to hit the 4 or 5-figure mark?

  • ...or maybe you're a beginner UGC Creator who wants to improve your skill set and start securing higher-paying deals?

  • ...or you're looking into quitting your 9-5 to start your own business?

As someone who was DIRT BROKE in 2018, earning 6-figures never crossed my mind, let alone running my own company 🥹

...and the quickest way to explain how I went from $0 to $155K was I learned how to diversify my income as a UGC Creator, Creative Strategist and Infopreneur.

The UGC Business Accelerator will cover everything from start to "finish" - from optimizing your profile and portfolio to information on how to properly file your taxes as a US/Canadian Creator. You will also gain access to an exclusive Discord community with over 600 creators just like you! 🥳

Why Should You Trust Me? 🧐

  • 9+ Years of Experience

    As a Creator and Creative Strategist, I’ve worked with mid-sized enterprises to 8-figure DTCs with over $250K in monthly ad spend across Meta, TikTok, Amazon and Google.

  • Built From Ground Up

    What started as a means to improve my communication skills as an immigrant here in Canada (Content Creation), turned out to be the most lucrative career path I've ever been on!

  • Trusted by Many

    I've got a combined follower count of 30,000 across all of my platforms, hundreds of brands in my portfolio, and millions of people reached by my content every month.